What is the Best Age to Get Pregnant?

Building up a family is never an easy decision to make for anybody. When you are planning for kids you need to be financially set to take-up this additional responsibility, and most importantly you need to have that willingness to accept all the ups and downs, which come with parenting.

These days most of the couples have been delaying pregnancy, because of their own fulfillments. What is the best age to get pregnant? Until which age can a woman delay her pregnancy? And is there any difficulty if a woman conceives late?

Momandcare is here to answer all your questions regarding pregnancy.

What Is The Correct Age To Get Pregnant?

The correct age for a woman to have pregnancy is when she is emotionally, physically, financially and socially ready for all the errands of motherhood. Generally, it varies from one to the other but most of the surveys have been found that the best age for conceiving is in-between 20 and 35.

Between 20 and 35 age, women are:

  • Physically strong to get pregnant
  • Less likely to have any pregnancy complications like pre-eclampsia, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and stillbirth
  • Healthy and likely to produce fertile eggs
  • Likely to have multiple pregnancies

Everybody has their own reasons, and there are many pros and cons of having children early or late.

Pregnancy at Different Ages:

Let us see what all you can expect if you are pregnant at different ages:

Below 20 Years

  • This age might not be the perfect age for most of the women but this is the most fertile age.
  • There is a high risk of hypertensive pregnancy disorders, abortions, urinary infections and premature rupture of the fetal membranes at this age.
  • May not be emotionally prepared to handle the pregnancy issues.
  • There might be financial problems while raising the child.

Between 20 and 24 years

  • Fertility scope is more and much easier for them to conceive at this stage.
  • The chance of giving birth to a healthy baby is more.
  • They will be physically strong and are less likely to acquire chronic conditions.
  • Regaining the pre-pregnancy weight is somewhat easy here.
  • Financial condition might be better as most of the young couples are working these days.


Between 25 and 29 years

  • The scope of getting pregnant is high.
  • They produce high-quality eggs.
  • The rate of pregnancy risks is very low.
  • Women will be both physically and mentally strong.

Between 30 and 34 years

  • Once you get into 30s, your fertility chances might start slowing down.
  • High blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and difficult labors might increase at this stage.
  • But this is the age where the relationships become more stable and maximum number of couples is committed to parenthood.

Between 35 and 39 years

  • Fertility starts to turn down considerably after 35 years of age.
  • The success rate of fertility allied treatments like IVF might also lowers.
  • High risk of pregnancy conditions like pre-eclampsia, hypertension and gestational diabetes.
  • High risk of miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Scope of twin conception is high as hormonal variations might release multiple eggs at this age.

Between 40 and 45 years

  • Chances of getting pregnant are very low.
  • High risk of pregnancy complications like miscarriages, diabetes, ectopic pregnancies, preeclampsia, preterm labor, placental problems and babies low birth weight might occur.
  • Cesarean section chances are more.
  • Complete bed rest is recommended and might require additional tests like amniocentesis or chorionic villi sampling (CVS) to screen for any abnormalities like Down syndrome in the little one.

Keep in mind that these scenarios are just generic. They might or might not good for you. But certain things for you to note here are:

  • Fertility will be more at a younger age.
  • You can also get pregnant at 40 years if you are having a healthy lifestyle.

Steps to Follow If You Want To Get Pregnant Now

  • Go with a pre-conception checkup to review your medical history.
  • Check whether you need to have a genetic carrier screening.
  • Take folic acid supplements provided doctor’s consultancy.
  • Stop consuming alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
  • Start taking nutritious food and have a balanced diet.
  • Have a check on your caffeine intake.
  • Follow an exercise routine.
  • Make a note of your financial things.
  • Know your ovulation time and have intercourse during the most fertile period throughout your cycle

If there are any health issues like irregular menstrual periods or sexually transmitted diseases, consult an expert quickly.


Things To Do If You Want To Wait To Become Pregnant

If you want to plan children sometime later but not immediately after marriage, you need to have protected sex, particularly in the fertile days only (at the time of ovulation).

Does Age Affect Male Fertility Also?

True, even a man’s fertility goes down with the age. The sperm count, semen volume and motility will get affected with age. There will be a high risk of genetic abnormalities and miscarriages if the father’s age is more than 45 years, whatever might be the mother’s age.

I completely agree planning for children is your personal and that depends on your circumstances, priorities and outlook. So, the best age to get pregnant is when both you and your partner feel that you are ready.

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