Top 10 Sex Positions To Help You Get Pregnant

Are you planning to get pregnant? Bringing a child into the world is not that easy and growing them up is a battle!

Generally, it takes two to tango, and even it takes two to have a baby! For some, it’s easy to get pregnancy. For few others, it takes more amount of time. If you are planning to get pregnant and wondering about the best sex positions to conceive, you are at the right place.

Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant:

Is there any certainty to the rumor that few sex positions make it easier to become pregnant? Well, let’s make one thing straight – there are no investigations to prove that certain sex positions are good to get pregnancy. But, most of the women across the world claim that certain sex positions not only make it easy to become pregnant but also help you to conceive a specific gender!

Whatever, there is no harm in trying right? So, here come the best sex positions that can bring that positive pregnancy test and also make the process more fun and exciting!

1. Missionary Position:

Most of the babies, all around the world, come into existence with this missionary position!

This is the most common, popular and comfortable sex position, to conceive a baby.

Having your partner on the top of you and you resting on your back, the sperms will get the best way to the cervix and assist you to become pregnant.

2. Doggy Style:

No doubt, everyone will agree that the doggy style is the best of all! But many of them don’t know that this is the excellent pose to get conceived fast.


This position helps in deeper penetration. In fact, opens up the cervix bigger than other poses, making it simpler for the sperms to reach inside and improves the scope of pregnancy.

3. Glowing Triangle:

This position is just a twist on the most common missionary position. Similar to the missionary position, in the glowing triangle pose you will be lying on the bed with your partner on the top. The one difference is that the man will be on all fours with his legs extended out. By raising your pelvis slightly, you can wrap your legs around your partner easily.

This angle allows a deeper penetration and also makes your pelvis tilted upwards, rising the scope of conception.

4. Anvil:

This is another type similar to that of a missionary position. Here, the man will be again on top of you, but here you need to raise your legs all above your head before he goes in.

One of the best positions to get deeply penetrated and also assists hit your G-spot making you pregnant.

5. Magic Mountain:

The variant of doggy style, Magic Mountain is one of the best positions to get conceive fast.

Distinct the doggy style, here your partner will bend over you in a way that your back is against his trunk. Make use of pillows beneath your head to get better balance.

This position is perfect for pregnancy as it allows the sperm to get deeper, quickly. It also hits the G-spot and makes you orgasm.

6. Spooning:

This is not that great for producing a baby but the most romantic way to end up things!

In this position, you need to lie on your side, and ask your partner to spoon you from behind. This ensures that your pelvis is skewed at 90-degrees, providing better reach for the semen.

7. Plough:

Not suggested for the faint hearted people! If you are physically strong and wanted to spice up your orgasm, you can try this!

Here, you’ll be a wheel sett! You need to stand on the feet, with your legs in the air and your partner will hold onto your legs as he goes in.

What makes this a great pose means here you will allow the gravity to do its work and get the sperms further down the cervix.

8. Butterfly Position:

As the name suggests, this is the most romantic sex position. It is the most adventurous and perfect way to spice up sex life.

All you need to lie on your back, specifically on a table. Make your partner to come between your legs and ask him to lift your hips (put pillows under your hips if you want).


This is the best position to get pregnant and even adds up excitement to your orgasm. It even helps the semen stay in the vagina for longer time, ensuring better probabilities of pregnancy.

9. Splitting Bamboo:

Do you know that certain Kamasutra positions are not only ‘adventurous’, but also make it easier for you to become pregnant?

Splitting bamboo is one of the famous Kamasutra positions, mentioned in many movies. In this position, you need to raise your leg over the partner’s shoulders where he overlaps your thigh and uses your leg for consistent support.

This position ensures deeper penetration apart from hitting the G-spot gives a higher scope of pregnancy.

10. The Union Of The Wolf:

One more position from the Kamasutra!

In this position, you need to stand with your partner on your back. Your partner holds your waist and penetrates. Then, you need to let your chest fall forward.

The Union of the Wolf helps the semen find a great way to the cervix, ensuring faster conception.

And yeah, you know what the best sex positions to have pregnancy are. Now, you need to know the best time to have sex in order to get pregnant

Best Time To Get Pregnancy:

Do you know there are certain days in your menstrual cycle when you can conceive faster?

Let’s find out here, what is the best time keep the top 10 sex positions into practice:

  • The foremost thing all you need to do is track your cycle first. The normal menstrual cycle can be in between 22-36 days. So, track your cycle for some months to ensure.
  • Then, it is the time to find out your fertile stage and that is during ovulation.
  • If you are using an ovulation predictor kit, then start doing sex when you are about to ovulate. You will be more fertile just 2-3 days after ovulation.
  • Start doing sex every alternate day from 9-17 days, if you are having standard 22 days cycle.
  • If you have irregular menstrual cycles, have an eye on ovulation symptoms such as stretchy cervical mucus.
  • Make use of basal thermometer to track ovulation cycles.
  • Simply have sex three times a week – you can never go wrong with that!

Things To Avoid If You Are Trying To Conceive:

You need to make certain changes in your lifestyle if you really wanted to get pregnancy easily. These are the things you need to give up:


1. Smoking

Smoking is not at all a healthy habit, but if you are having the habit to take a puff or two daily, it is the time to avoid. Based on investigations, smokers are more probable to suffer from infertility and have intricacy while getting pregnant when compared to non-smokers. Moreover, smoking women are more likely to make eggs with genetic defects. Not only you, but also your partner need to quit smoking as men who smoke are more expected to have lower sperm count.

2. Excessive Caffeine:

No need of banishing caffeine completely from your life but all you need to do is reduce the intake of it. That additional caffeine in your system can toss your reproductive health out of cog and make pregnancy difficult.

3. Excessive Alcohol Consumption:

Too much of having anything can be bad, and it is the same with alcohol! A glass won’t do you any harm, but never drink more than two in a day if you want to have pregnancy without any difficulties. Alcohol consumption can cause irregular periods, abnormal estrogen and progesterone levels, lack of ovulation, – all that can make pregnancy difficult.

When To Seek Help:

Regrettably, no matter what you do, there is always a small chance that you might get trouble in conceiving. So, when is the best time to seek medical assistance to conceive a baby?

  • If you are over 35years of age and didn’t conceive even after six months of unprotected sex, consult a doctor.
  • If you are below 35years of age and have a year of unprotected sex and not yet shown a positive pregnancy test, then it’s time to get doctor’s appointment.

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