16 Tips That Can Make Twin Baby Care Easier

No doubt twin baby care requires double the effort. But once you accomplish them, the satisfaction will be also two times more right? Just a speck of planning and proper tips will assist you pass the test.

Here in this article, MomandCare provides you with the simple and thoughtful tips on twin baby care.

Tips To Care Take Of Twin Babies

1. Get your twins on the same napping and feeding schedule

Just ensure that you are not feeding and making the baby to sleep all day. Well-known pediatrician and the author of the book ‘Raising Twins’ Dr. Shelly Flais, suggests that when one baby wakes up to feed, wake the other baby also. This might be violating the rule of not waking up a sleeping child, but is practical.

Make use of a twin feeding pillow, which can make you feed both the babies at same time. Once they get into sync, handling them will become much easier. Yet, talk to your pediatrician before you start any feed and sleep program to find out whether the babies are ready for it or not.

2. Write down the twins’ schedule

 For some days, it is good to make a note of their routines as it will assist you get the twins on same schedule. Make a note of number of feedings, sleep duration, and the number of diapers they are consume daily. If there is any difficulty in feeding both the babies at the same time, choose to breastfeed one baby and bottle feed the other one by putting your breast milk into the bottle.

3. Try out different ways to make babies sleep

Making two babies sleep at the same time can be a phenomenal task. Here are certain ways you can try:

  • Wear one in a swing and the other baby in a carrier
  • Take them around in a stroller
  • Make them sleep in a crib
  • Place them in bassinets
  • Place them on a floor blanket

4. Invest in a twin carrier bag or double stroller

It will be hard for you to carry your twins at the same time. So, buy a double stroller for your leisurely activities or evening walks. You might also carry all the needful things in the double stroller for your kids.

5. Ask for help

No doubt, you need helping hands when you are dealing with kids. Ask your friends, family members and neighbors to assist you in taking care of the twins. You can also make your parents move in for the initial months to assist you. Or else, hire babysitters or nannies to help you manage the two little ones.

6. Join in a twin mothers’ group

Join online or local groups of twin baby care. These groups’ aid parents connect with each other and share their experiences, tips, and certain techniques. Getting into these groups will also make you socially engaged and deliver you time and opportunity to relax with mothers who are in a similar condition.


7. Purchase baby supplies online

 Having twins means running out of baby supplies will be at a lightning speed. So, it’s good to purchase your daily fundamentals like diapers, wipes, creams, etc., through online. Shopping online will give you great deals and aid you make a note on how long the stock goes. It even saves your time in going to a store and waiting in the queue to pay the bill.

8. Buying two of every item is not required

 The most common mistake new parents of twins do are purchasing two of each thing. Whereas you need to buy two of essential things like car seats, high-chairs, strollers, cribs etc., and there is no need of buying things like toys, creams, books, or talcum powders. This saves your money in the long run.

9. Go for neutral gender garments

 If your twin babies are a girl and boy, there is no need of buying all the clothes based on their gender. Sometimes, you might want to dress up your princess in frocks, but for the regular or daily wear, you might go for unisex clothes so that you can exchange them.

10. Don’t divide the twins once they are old enough to sleep all through the night

 You might think of having them sleep in two different rooms so that if one baby is awake the other doesn’t wake up from crying. Yet, if you let them sleep in the same room they will get used to each other’s noise and cries, making them sleep through despite the noise. However, see what fits your babies’ preferences, and plan consequently.

11. Set separately some time as your me-time

No doubt, how well you plan your daily tasks, you feel exhausted by the end of the day. You need certain time to relax and bounce back. If not, you will end up getting besieged with the tasks you are doing daily. So, take a break from your daily jobs and do what you get pleasure from the most –relax in a hot bath, watch TV or read a book of your choice. This keeps you happy, motivated and healthy while parenting your twin babies.

12. Do tasks alternatively

Speak with your husband and work out on the time shifts for looking after the babies. You can do it separately or together, whatever suits for your family. Your partner can take the babies out for a stroll, get the groceries or do some laundries work. Both of you can opt for different me-times to relax and not get tired.

13. Plan ahead

 Before the shower, try to keep the towels, clothes and diapers laid out. Maintain a separate bag for all the baby essentials, water bottles and snacks. So, when you are going out, you can simply pick up the bag and leave.

14. Use alternatives

Make use of alternatives like twin baby carriers or a travel cot to place your babies while you are doing other works. You can carry one of your babies in arms and make the other rest in the cot, or even place both the babies in cot while you finish your works.


15. Shower the twin babies at the same time

Take help from someone if you want or purchase two bathing seats to bathe them together. This saves your time and energy while doing your baby care.

16. Use freezer food

Cooking eats out time and really hectic to do if you are having twins. So, prepare freezer food, which you can simply reheat just before eating. No need of standing near the stove for hours but simply toss the ingredients, and eat cooked meals hours later.

Try out these simple twin baby care tips and definitely your day becomes more structured and a tad easier.

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