5 Reasons Why Babies Sleep So Much

Once your baby is born, there will be more and more surprises that come your way. As you step into the world of motherhood, you will learn many things on the job – like changing diapers, mastering the perfect latch to handling your babies sleep routine. Gradually with the passing time, you will notice that your baby has started to sleep a lot, sometimes even give up the feeding time just to sleep. Yet, there is nothing to worry about in fact it is a good sign. Here is what it does:

1. Boosts Their Physical Growth

It has been believed from ages that babies experience good growth signs during sleep. But, there are no studies proven to show that the duration of the sleep will actually impact the physical growth of the baby. Now, a recent study has found that the longer a baby sleeps; the better will be the body growth. The relative analysis of the study statistics had showed that infants were experienced a better spurt of growth in length when their sleep time was increased.

2. Develops The Neurosensory System

The baby’s central nervous system will drastically develop in the first two years of life. When the babies are sleeping, the sleep stimulates their neurosensory system, thus assisting growth. This process happens during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep and is known as endogenous stimulation. In this process, neurons get discharged. These discharges will create a connection amid the brain structures and sensory organs, which is essential for the growth of the neurosensory system including touch, auditory, visual, and vestibular systems.


3. Promotes Brain Growth

A vital component in the brain’s maturation is called brain plasticity. It is the ability of the brain to modify its structure and function in response to environmental alterations. Investigations conducted on animals have proven that young animals, which are sleep-deprived, have experienced a loss of this brain plasticity, which in turn shrinks the brain’s size, lessens learning abilities, and badly impacts behavior. Hence, the results of the investigation demonstrate that sleep is very essential for the brain’s growth and brain plasticity.

4. Enhances Learning Skills

Baby’s sleep always plays a key role in consolidating memory that helps in learning. In a recent study, the researchers have attempted to teach an artificial language to 15-month-old babies. The babies were separated into two groups. One group had taken a nap in between the test and the teaching and the other group did not take any nap. The researchers had found that the babies who had taken a nap before the test had performed relatively better when compared to the other group.

5. Improves Mood

Not only babies but don’t even adults get crabby when they are rundown of a good amount of sleep? Most of the studies have confirmed that infants who do not get good amount of sleep usually become cranky and moody. One of the studies have found, in fact, that infants whose night sleep was less in three weeks were often more tetchy even at the age of three months. They were also comparatively less amicable. So, if the baby has been irritable for a while, then check if the little one has been getting good amount of sleep at night or not.

And now you have known that sleep plays a major role in your baby’s overall growth and development. If your baby is very sleepy, and not showing any weight gain, it is good to check with your pediatrician. It may be due to a causal health issue. Or else, your baby’s long hour of sleep is not being a concern.

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