How To Get Pregnant Fast

Thinking how to get pregnant? Few simple lifestyle changes might help to boost your fecundity as a couple.

When you plan to have a baby, perhaps you need to have an idea how to get pregnant fast. Perhaps, everyone think that getting pregnant is so simple without trying hard for it. Stop using contraceptive things, have sex, and boom: pregnancy!

In general, pregnancy won’t always happen simply. Few of them conceive in the first month itself, but for most of them, it takes more time. This doesn’t inevitably mean that something is wrong with your fertility. The fact is, it’s not that easy to have pregnancy like you think.

For the young couple, with no hidden fertility concerns, having timely sex through the fertile stage, the scope of getting pregnant are around 25% per cycle. Which means that even if you are super healthy and having everything great, you are much likely to get conceived fast.

There are certain things you need to have great control over, which can assist you to increase the probability of getting pregnant fast.

1. Know The Right Time

In fact, only six days in a month are much fruitful to get pregnancy when you are having proper sex: almost five days leading up to ovulation and the ovulation day itself. You can have sex daily or alternate days during fertile stage—the scope of pregnancy is mostly the same, so do it when you feel the best as a couple.

If you are not having enough time to have regular intercourse all through the fertile stage, try to do it at least one or two days before ovulation. Having sex on those days’ will offer the highest chances of getting pregnant.


  • Chances of getting pregnancy will be high in one or two or three days before the ovulation. Probability will be medium when you have sex before four days of ovulation.
  • Probability will be very low in the remaining days.

2. Know Your Ovulation Period

How can we know the right time? It’s really work out if you know the ovulation time, and ensure you have sex before that.

Not always good to rely on fertility related tracking apps. There are many precise ways of knowing your fertile stage when compared to fertility tracking apps. Ovulation tests will give you an idea about ovulation process. Basal body temperature will also confirm if ovulation process has happened, but it’s too late to get pregnancy by that time. In order to know the start of your fertility stage and verify ovulation in a single device, i.e. Ava bracelet.

3. Stop using birth control methods ahead of time

If you are using any method of hormonal birth control, better to stop it few days before and make use of an alternate method of protection till you are prepared to start conceiving. When you are having sny hormonal birth control like Contraceptive pill, you won’t get a real menstrual cycle. Because, with some kinds of hormonal contraception, you will bleed and with others, you don’t. Even if you bleed, it’s not the real period. The synthetic hormones restrain your natural menstruation cycle.

Keep in mind that with progestin-only kinds of hormonal birth control, like Mirena IUD and mini-pill, you might still ovulate even if you are not getting your period timely. But if you are having a combined oral birth control pill, or Nuvaring or Nexplanon, then you are expected not ovulating.

So, it’s so important to track your natural menstrual cycle to increase your scope of conceiving fast, going off contraception can give you time to reacquaint yourself with your normal cycle and start learning how to track it. There’s a learning curve with many methods, so you might have some time to practice before you feel the stress to conceive.

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