7 Easy Tips To Look Beautiful Post Delivery

Both Pregnancy and childbirth are major things that can change a woman’s life completely. Once you get your newborn in your arms post delivery, obviously your priorities will change. All of a sudden, a shower becomes the essence of luxury! And yeah, there is no wonder that most of the new moms will put their grooming regime on the back burner.

It is very common to find new moms looking dead tired rather than drop dead dazzling! You can look more beautiful even as a mother to look your best! No doubt, every woman is beautiful in her own way, yet the feeling of looking good will boost your confidence level and makes you a perfect mother!

Simple Beauty Tips To Follow Post Delivery:

1. Ask For Help:

The initial thing you need to do to make yourself look beautiful is to ask for a help. Ask for your husband, family, or friend’s help so that you can make time for ‘yourself’!

2. The Start Matters:

How you start your day will make a huge impact on the rest of the day. How much tired you feel, just devote a few minutes for yourself in the morning to get ready. Have a quick shower and put on some the basic stuff – moisturizer, a little eyeliner, light lip gloss and you are done!

3. Work Out:

Have a talk with your doctor and start your workout routine. Never go with your decisions, wait for your doctor’s nod before you start your exercise regime. A good fitness regime will not only help you lose the pregnancy weight but also make you feel better mentally by relieving stress.


4. Sleep Often:

Sleep is one of the biggest casualties when there is a baby at home. Lack of sleep will not only brings you down mentally but also leaves you looking tired. So, have a good amount of sleep.

5. Have a Look On What You Eat And Drink:

Intake of good food, post delivery not only makes you look beautiful but also assist you with breastfeeding. Ensure that you are drinking enough water as it gives proper hydration to your skin, which in turn makes you look beautiful.

6. Dress Well:

It’s your time to say goodbye to yoga pants and maternity clothes. Dressing well doesn’t mean you need to buy an entire new wardrobe. It simply means wearing a hygienic dress that fits you well!

7. Pamper Yourself:

Take out a few hours and go to the salon with the help of your friends and family. Try out a facial, trendy haircut, pedicure, and manicure, as they are enough to keep you going for a few months.

These are some basic steps, which you need to ravish yourself. But there are a few more tips that you need to follow to have a ‘new mom’ makeover.

Easy Tips For Mom Makeover:

There are certain problems that are unique to motherhood i.e. post delivery. So, MomandCare has given you few handy tips which can add up to your daily routine:

1. Under-Eye Swelling and Dark Circles:

Dark circles, usually makes you look older than you are. Because of improper sleep dark circles are very common among new moms. Moreover, the problem of water retention can also make your eyes swell. But these tips will help you out from dark and puffy eyes:


  • Minimize your fluid intake before bedtime.
  • Make use of a thick pillow while sleeping.
  • Use cucumber, potato slices, or chilled forks to give your eyes a relaxation.
  • Try out a concealer while going out.

2. Dull Complexion:

Improper sleep can steal out your skin’s natural glow. Follow these simple tips to get back your radiant complexion:

  • Drink sufficient water and fluids to hydrate your skin.
  • Exfoliate the skin regularly.
  • Moisturize the skin twice a day.

3. Acne:

Acne is one more major problem most of the new mothers come across. To deal with acne, you can try out these following tips:

  • Make use a foam cleanser to clean the skin twice a day.
  • Use anti-acne products.
  • Try using a soft face brush.

Just because you are a mom does not mean you have to come second! Your choices matter! In fact, the happier you stay; the better will be your motherly skills! Beautiful skin will always enhance your confidence levels at any stage of your life. So, give these simple tips a try and look at your best! Hope these simple and easy tips on how to look good after delivery were helpful.

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